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Anyone in the Hospitality industry knows the hectic and stressful experience of the peak time rush. Our touchscreen solutions create a cloned digitised version of you! Whatever you say, whatever information you offer or want to capture from your customers & guests can be offered and captured on an interactive and personalised touchscreen.

I want to tailor a customised check-in system for my Accommodation Business to claim my personal time back
I want to tailor a customised ordering kiosk for my Takeaway Restaurant Food Business to pay less staff wages

Bring your food business, takeaway or restaurant, in line with the likes of Mcdonalds and Noodle Box with a touchscreen self ordering kiosk. Minimise lengthy wait ordering times for your customers with a large touch screen ordering panel. Patrons will love the self-ordering options swiftly adding or removing ingredients without the misunderstanding or miscommunication of a person to person order. Orders are recorded for later reference and are automatically sent to your cashier or ordering area so cooks can view and prepare meals quickly. Efficiency is improved and staff requirements greatly minimised.

ordering flow chart

* friendly and intruitive userface to facilitate an easy and swift ordering process with review checkout cart
* large enticing images of food menu categorized with description and containing ingredients
* easily customised menu selections by adding or removing ingredients
* customers can order direct from app to table
* your choice of online payment options or pay at cashier
* ticketing system for processed orders
* forwards placed orders direct to cashier or ordering area where cooks can view and prepare meals as soon as order is placed
* in depth daily order report and recording, and much more.

Hotels, Motels, Caravan Parks, Airbnb's and any or all customer service based businesses can rely on the always ready 24 hour self-checkin and customer registration facility. More welcoming than a cold keysafe and more efficient as the guest has the information at the time they need it rather than in an email or text sent hours or even days earlier, which more often than not is ignored, forgotten, or never received by overseas traveller's mobiles, which results in you being disturbed by a call once they arrive to your property. Also, perfect for late night arrivals or to serve multiple arrivals at once without the need of extra staff, or even choose to run your property remotely knowing that your guests, customers and patrons will be well looked after and fully guided by the self-check in process. Any information your business offers repeatedly to each and every incoming guest can be replicated in automation - "We are contactable 24/7 by a push of a button should you require any assistance" - "Please take a map of our town or request one sent to your email" - "Wifi code and places to eat can be located in the guest information folder in your room or request one sent to your email" - "Check-out time is strictly 10am".

checkin flow chart

* guest information registration and arrival notification by email direct to owner/operator - Know who has arrived and who is yet to come
* recording of guest phone, email, car registration (collect as much or as little guest information as you like)
* Retrieval of key procedure and guides guest to assigned accommodation via a "you are here" location map of your property
* arranges for payment with credit card entry or cash in lockbox
* forwards contact request notification if the guest requires assistance
* allows email enquiries and sends real time feedback
* checkout functionality with an in-house survey upon checking out, and much more.


Description Yearly (save 20%) Monthly
Orca self check-in system $55 per month $69 per month
Orca menu ordering system $55 per month $69 per month

includes 24/7 hour support, upgrades and server allocation to host your application with private dashboard log in (meaning you avoid paying domain & hosting fees as existing business website is not required, however, if you already have a business website and wish your guests/customers to check-in or order food before arrival at your premises, we can integrate it to your existing website at no additional cost)

Optional Extras

Description Price
All-in-one pc with large 23inch touchscreen panel $1495
New domain and website creation $1295

At less than $2 per day, if even 1 customer uses it to check-in or order food, you're already saving your business in labour & wages


For a limited time offer, receive three months free trial so you can try before you buy. If you are not happy, no obligation to stay or pay

Self Checkin Self Checkin

Orca Systems promise you an affordable service whether you are looking to improve efficiency for your staff or customers, guests or patrons - With a large panel touch screen display, owner/operators will love it's diversity as it gives them the flexibility and freedom to leave their businesses unattended knowing they will be notified of every movement - Eliminate high staffing costs & requirements today!


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